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How to promote yourself, your skills or products, and increase your income from ProductPals.com

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You may include the following in your Collections: Videos, Photos or images, Products, Events, Web Sites, Professional Profiles, Other Collections, Web Pages. You can choose to upload from your PC/tablet, or select something from the Web to form a web-collection
You can categorize YouTube videos and other objects such as files, photos, Web sites, Web pages, Events and Products in a single sharable entity called a “Collection”. This way you can ensure that your "Collections" give your viewers the best experience while watching their favorite YouTube Videos.
When you have over 10000 views, you will have an option to make money running Ads on your Collections on ProductPals.com. Happy Holidays! Please bookmark this page and the ProductPals web site if you are interested.
We make sense of YouTube videos by categorizing the videos and making "Collections" so that our viewers get the best Content. We suggest you Bookmark the web site and come back periodically to see great Collections in the future. We will have consolidated great content for education/training, and for general knowledge. Also, we will categorize and cover top Games, people, places, and events.

What our customers say

ProductPals offers a variety of services and plug-in modules for existing and new businesses
ProductPals provides new and unique business productivity tools and money saving processes that enable the business to gain an advantage versus its competitors and peers.
Future offerings :
  • Mall based online stores with real-time order forwarding
  • Trade Shows and Booths
  • Treasure Hunt based liquidation of overstocked items
  • Group and Organization Profiles
  • Calendar based events, appointments and meetings management
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