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ProductPals for Business

ProductPals can dramatically enhance the capabilities your business. It serves to boost Business development and Marketing capabilities, both in the Business to Business and the Business to Consumer realms. The ProductPals web site comprises Professional networking tools that may also be used in conjunction with popular Social Networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. ProductPals provides new and unique business productivity tools and money saving processes that enable the business to gain an advantage versus its competitors and peers.

Business Solutions

Some things you can do now are:

  1. Attend Trade Shows online : ProductPals hosts data on thousands of Tradeshows occurring annually in the USA. As it is difficult to attend more than a handful of these trade shows personally, ProductPals now gives you the opportunity to attend them virtually (online). You will find booths and products or services online as you would find attending the Tradeshow. You can make new contacts online, learn about new products, find new customers and grow your business! Talk to us about Proxy attendance where we represent your company at the Trade Show!
  2. Create your Business Collections and share it via an Ad-mail Campaign: For the first time, you can now create a Collection on a Professional Network and market it to your customer or prospect list. See how this will greatly enhance your reach and increase your reach!

Other Advantages

  1. You can now market yourself, your products or services globally:
    1. Create a Professional Profile for yourself and a Product Profile for each of your products, and send it to your prospects.
    2. Advertise your business by creating a Business Profile. Share this Business Profile with customers, prospects, and others with ProductPals Connections. Your Business Profile is searchable by others, who use the Network or by a web search.
    3. You can also create Promotional Events for your business with an easy to use Event Management tool
    4. Upload your Products for Sale. ProductPals has 5,000,000+ products listed with hundreds of major retailers registered on the site.
    5. Market your products and services using ProductPals Collections
    6. Participate in our Product Treasure Hunt. Get rid of overstocked items using our innovative method to entice prospective customers to become real customers. Contact us to participate and boost your sales!
  2. Create/Import and manage lists and groups online. You may import all your existing contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. and create lists. We have extensive list generation and management tools. Set up appointments, events, meetings with clients. Share and View all data by Person or by Group!
  3. The ProductPals Promotion events allow the Seller to promote products or services and make a sale via the site. ProductPals handles the flow end-to-end.

Beta Testing Period Discounts:

For the first few customers, we are offering the services free of charge. This will be for a period of one year. We will assist the trial-customer with creating a Profile, a Collection and distributing the Collection to their contacts. The trial-customer can also select a tradeshow of his choice located in the US, and we will work on providing as much Tradeshow data as possible online, thereby saving the customer travel, lodging and other costs.

Contact information:

Name : Sanjay Sachi

Email : sanjay_sachi@productpals.com

ProductPals offers a variety of services and plug-in modules for existing and new businesses
ProductPals provides new and unique business productivity tools and money saving processes that enable the business to gain an advantage versus its competitors and peers.
Future offerings :
  • Mall based online stores with real-time order forwarding
  • Trade Shows and Booths
  • Treasure Hunt based liquidation of overstocked items
  • Group and Organization Profiles
  • Calendar based events, appointments and meetings management
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